Wedding venue : The Golf Course

I just finished shooting a couple of weddings back to back. Living in San Francisco I don't venture much across the Golden Gate or Bay Bridge other then, if I happen to go on a road trip. Having been a tattoo artist for 20 year had me sitting down in a chair and  stationed in a shop. Though I got to meet a lot of people and got insights in their life, with wedding Photography I really get to go places. Little towns and  districts I never would have gone before. Sure I have been to Carmel  before,  but had I really looked at it as thorough  as I do now for its photogenic beauty? 

Both weddings I photographed were at different Golf Courses in the San Francisco vicinity, one in Napa and the other in Burlingame. The Napa Golf Course and the Crystal Springs Golf Club  both were catered and run by Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center, and I really liked both venues.

I was supposed to meet the groom and his grooms men at the Napa Golf Course  at noon to take pictures. Always coming early to be ready I observed the come and go of golf players, most of them men, but there were a few older ladies here and there. It looked  very relaxing. As noon approached I got nervous,  there was no sight of the groom and his party.  I decided to call and check in. The groom informed me surprised,  he hadn't really been informed by his bride about the schedule, " we are only on the second hole" . So I told him I would go and meet them. Hearing the second hole was quite far away, I asked permission to use one of the Golf Carts. Driving the Golf Cart really was a blast!! I had to ask my way to the second hole and had to maneuver passed blocked road, venturing into the grass areas. I wished the carts  would go a little faster. When I finally got there, I took some fun pictures of all the guys posing with their Golf Clubs. It was not a long shot as the guys really didn't wanted to be interrupted in their game. The ride back took almost longer, but since I had plenty of time I made the best out of it. I came to the conclusion that I really would like to try playing a game of golf one day. I can understand the fun and bonding guys get out of this and the hand to eye coordination, like playing pool, but outdoors. I don't understad why there are not many women doing this with their girlfriends.