Wedding rings

One of my favorite things to photograph at weddings are weddings rings. So I decided I will add new category on my website just for that! I love catching the sun in the reflection of the diamond. having grown up in Germany, I didn't grow up with the whole ritual of the engagement ring. I remember being on Thanksgiving with the family of my boyfriend in Hawthorne, Nevada and all the women were comparing the size of their diamonds. Back then I was a different person and very shocked how much those rings cost and the status symbol they have. It seem the women were measuring their worth by how much carat would decorate their finger. Having photographed a lot of different weddings and really looking at the rings and the beauty of each of them, has changed my mind. I think a woman deserves a nice piece of jewlery from the man at her side. In some countries where women don't have many rights, its important to collect expensive jewlery, so if they somehow loose theeir men and the financial security attached to that will be gone they still have their gold and diamonds. So watch out for my new series of rings soon.