Loews Regency, San Francisco-Wedding location

Like I said in one of my previous blogs about the excitement of this job, it gets you around to so many different locations. There are weddings in winerys, vineyards, churches, golf courses, backyards, private residencys, hotels and more. Last Saturday I spend an evening shooting a wedding at the Loews Regency in San Francisco.  The ceremony was held on the 40th floor. I have lived 26 years in San Francisco, but this was the first time I had set foot in this hotel. I had had been in the Riz Carlton as well as Mark Hopkins. It wasn't the first time I was that high up in a high Rise, I have been to to top floor of the World Trade Center and the Empire State Building, but being on a balcony for a  wedding ceremony facing the Golden Gate Bridge, the Transamerica building, Coittower in the distance and the Embarcadero Buildings on one side of the building and when you stepped in the hall way you could immediately walk to the other sides balcony facing down market street towards the ferry building. It was breathtaking to have such a surround view. The balcony was big enough for a ceremony. but it was tight to shoot and I had to stand on a chair to get high enough to catch the view. The lead photographer on the shoot was Barak Shrama, who shot the angle straight done the aisle. Later he had to orchestrate a groughshot with the entire wedding party and he had to stand on the ladder to capture both people and view. I was able to get a view shots standing on the chair holding up my camera up over my head.  Photos will be available to view in the next 6 weeks here

Source: http://tanjanixxweddingphotography.com