I left Germany in 1988 with an education in Graphic-design to travel around the world. i started in the Congo and made my way through Zaire, Burundi Tanzania, Kenya and South-East-Asia. I felt the need to settle down and bought a plane ticket to San Francisco, where I was received with open arms. Supporting myself by bartending, during which I taught myself the art of tattooing. In 1995 I was offered a job at the infamous Lyle Tuttle Tattoo Studio. I produced two independent films , “A holy promise”, and “Love will travel” and acted in them. I bought Lyle Tuttle Tattooing in 2001. Meanwhile I was busy taking photos as a source of reference for my paintings. During the later years of my 20 year tattoo career, during which I tattooed Singer-Songwriter “Adele” and Aimee Mann, I started getting more into photography and have now fully submerged myself into wedding, event and portrait photography. I recently brought out a photography book about my travels in Oman. It is available on Amazon and published with blurb. I have now started to specialize into wedding photography.

With the eye of a photojournalist and artist, I photograph life as it unfolds. Photographing details at weddings triggered my interest in Product photography. I used photography as a vehicle for my paintings and then about 5 years realized that my photography holds its own ground. I bought the canon 5d and started with the basic lens (24-105). I was instantly drawn to weddings and events, because of the part of the photojournalism. Observing, catching the right moment and telling a story really appeals to me. I started my event photography with the Food festivals such asPRIMAL and COCHON in Napa Valley and St Helena, taking photos of butchering and cooking and tasting.


Wedding Photography

In her Wedding Photography Tanja Nixx Photography uses her skills as tattoo-artist and painter to take wedding photography to another level. Her Photography is creative, classic and glamorous like a Hollywood movie.  Tanja Nixx has been passionate about photography since she was 18 years old and has come back to it, to bring out the best in people. 

I like making people feel great and beautiful. Wedding photography is very creative. If you need to plan and your are confused about the itinerary of your wedding, I am there to help. 

The wedding details is one of the first things I shoot when I enter the bridal suite. I gather the rings, garter, jewelry and anything that is important to the couple and the magic begins. I get to create artistic detail shots, using reflecting surfaces, flowers and anything related to the wedding. With the light from a window I shoot away with my 100mm macro lens. I also like to use this lens to capture close-up shots of the bride getting her make-up done. 

When the couple gets dressed, I place them by the window and use natural light. I also use flash when needed, but regulate it as fill flash, to keep the ambience. 

The ceremony I approach  photojournalistic. I follow the couple around without intruding, leaving enough space using my 24-70mm and 70-200mm. 

I tell the couple in advance to make a family-shot-list, so we won’t forget anybody. The couple then gets to take the portraits. 

Playing with light and finding the best location, even in mid-day is exciting.  l look for back-light and shade to make the couple look the glamorous and beautiful. I encourage the couple to go out for a sunset shot, if time permits. I love using my 70-200mm for nice close-ups, but also have a variety of other lenses to choose from. My 35mm makes nice environmental  shots.

For the receptions I have a great set-up of several flashes to give texture to my party-photos. With slow shutter speed and flash I can create motion around the couple. 

As a result you will have a great memories of your special day when you get my email that your photos are ready and your album is in the mail.